Recently, the Spanish Federation of surfing has joined the program of sport evolution degrees to become a list of which is already part sports such as handball, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and many others.

This proyect is powered by the International Institute of Excellence and Sports Certifications where is set the base of a Global Sport Certification System.

Our school has been considered deserving of a seal of sport quality by the this Institute and our monitors certified as Technical Evaluator of Degrees.


SPORT EVOLUTION DEGREES are a SEAL OF QUALITY THAT MARK THE EXCELLENCE and together with the Spanish Federations establish a standard model to certify the evolution of athletes and establish a common guide for all.

They are not training but they include a training system, evaluation criteria, a monitoring process and finally a certification that gives the athlete a degree and level of quality, evolution and excellence. They are established for all sports, based on a few sports criteria, for the development of basic physical abilities, perceptive motor and multiple intelligences, as well as the development of specific technical skills of each sport discipline.
This is intended to provide motivation, continuity and certification of practice, quality and sports evolution.
  • All subjects
  • Federated
  • In the Federados
  • Fans
The sport evolution degrees contribute to the sport a unique and innovative model at national and international level. They develop the potential of athletes and guarantee their evolution. Designed with federations, schools and athletes, it will represent a qualitative leap and contribute a new sport model, unique and innovative with great impact.

The sport evolution degrees are implemented in all sports, in the educational system and in the private and social sport, in a stable and timeless way, with the objective of providing the rewards of sports practice and unifying all athletes in a sharing common principles and objectives.

It aims to implement a culture of quality in sport and continuous improvement in the sector, promoting the development of an innovative model for the certification of SPORT QUALITY, flexible and accessible to all entities (public and private), estates and sports modalities.

It is a project presented to the Olympic Federations in the Spanish Olympic Committee on October 23, 2014 and to the non-Olympic Federations in the Assembly of AFEDES in the Superior Council of Sports on December 17, 2014.



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